What is Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)?

What is Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)?

Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India is a Government organization, under the Ministry of power. It was set up by Government of India on 1st March 2002 under the provision of Energy Conservation Act, 2001.

With the growth and development of the economy, the demand for energy is rising substantially. The whole world is dealing with climate change and global warming, we need a lot of measures to conserve energy because conservation is the least cost method to meet the increasing demands. Thus recognizing this need, BEE was set up with the objective of institutionalizing and strengthening the delivery mechanism of energy efficiently.

The Objectives of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

1. To exercise leadership and provide policies and direction for energy conservation.
2. To formulate energy efficiency and conservation policies and programs.
3. To leverage multi-lateral and bi-lateral and private sector programs.
4. To efficiently deliver energy services.
5. Coordination with government, industries, manufacturers and consumers to facilitate measures for energy conservation.

Major Functions of BEE

BEE does both regulatory as well as promotional activities.

Regulatory Functions:

  • The Setting of performance standards of appliances and their labeling designs scheme. The star rating of appliances like AC, Refrigerator, Fans, Water Heaters, etc. is a part of this.
  • Development of energy-efficient code of conduct for building and industries.
  • Certification of Energy Managers and Energy Auditors, who can perform Energy Audits.
  • Development and setting of norms for energy consumption.
    Promotional Functions:
  •  Organizing programs for energy efficiency, star rating and other awareness.
  • Arranging training for people to do energy efficiency projects.
  • Promotes innovative financing of energy efficiency projects.
  • Preparation of educational curriculum on efficient use of energy and its conservation.
  • Developing testing and certification procedures.

Star Rating of Appliances

Star Ratings of appliances provide the statistics of how energy efficient the products are. It is given on a scale of 5. Higher the rating, higher the efficiency of the appliance. The basic objective of these ratings is to educate and aware the consumers about the energy efficiency of the appliance. This makes the manufacturer more responsible to create energy-efficient appliances. The manufacturers are required to put these star rated labels on products as per the Standards and Labeling Program introduced in 2006. Appliances like AC, Refrigerator, geysers, washing machines and microwave ovens, have to be star rated mandatory.

Thus if you are a manufacturer of these products then manufacture energy-efficient products to conserve and save energy.

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