Silvereye Certifications  is at the forefront of the dynamic evolution, revolutions, challenges and opportunities created by emerging technologies. We use IT to innovate, improve productivity and profit margins, and elevate the customer experience by assisting our clients to capture an immediate impact while embedding capabilities to ensure a longer-term competitive advantage.  With our thorough knowledge of compliance standards and our first-hand experience in industrial and commercial environments, we provide precise compliance information and be your first point of call during any type approval and compliance work.

Silvereye Certifications into the Field of IT & Electronics , provides the most cost-effective and comprehensive Solutions to the Compliance Companies Spread Globally, who provides the BIS Registration Services to Foreign Manufacturing Units and Indian Manufacturers with Certifications, Regulatory Compliance Research and Updated Services, Local Representation and Translation.

We provide Type Approval, Testing & Licensing Services to all the Wireless Products Manufactured Globally through WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing) & TEC (Telecommunication Engineering Center) prior to the launch of their Wireless Products/Equipment in India.

Our Team’s technical and regulatory knowledge along with deep business experience, help the clients to strategically manage the regulatory compliance and gain competitive edge over others within stipulated time period.

BIS, ISI, WPC Consultancy  Services at Global Markets

As global market is growing and expanding, there are more consumers seeking safe, reliable and increasingly, eco-conscious products. With both international and local proficiency, Silvereye Certifications assists the Manufacturing Units & Big Brands & their Suppliers in getting the certification as per the Indian compliance and enter into the Indian Market without any conflicts and difficulties.

Silvereye Certifications’s Primary Business Objective is to be Obedient to local, National & International laws along with assuring the Accuracy & Validity of reports & Certificates that we assist to procure for the Clients from the Govt. Organizations of respective Countries.

Our Mission and Values statement clearly declares that we act with integrity, honesty and respect. We always ensure that we live out those values every day. Our responsibility is to conduct all business according to the highest professional and ethical standards and practices. Silvereye Certificationss work shall be carried out in an independent and impartial manner, using appropriate methods and procedures and in accordance with local and international laws.

We are committed to supporting the needs of our customers and assisting to add value to their business. At all times we ensure that we work together in a fair and honest manner and in a way that upholds Silvereye Certifications’s commitment to good ethics.

  • We work in manner with reliable testing Lab Partners to get the certification for faster regulatory approval.
  •  We work with Commitment & assure the quick & timely delivery of the services for the services our Clients trust us.